Resources for the Homebound & Caregivers


Manhattan Home Podiatry

Care of the feet is primary, secondary and tertiary prevention and part of quality of life. People who are homebound or bedbound have foot health needs which range from preventing falls to preventing a pressure ulcer of the heel. A podiatrist is a specialist trained to do preventive exams of areas not easily seen from the patient's perspective. A podiatrist has special instruments for thick nails and hard spots on the skin. Preventive foot care starts with a professional foot physical exam and advice on how care for the skin, nails, nerves, circulation and bones of the feet. A podiatric exam of the feet looks for skin problems which predispose to bacterial and fungal infections. Detecting a problem with circulation and neuropathy typically results in directions and precautions to prevent ulcers and deep infection. For those with diabetes and deformity of the bones of feet an individualized plan of care of the feet is essential to reducing pain and complications which impact quality of life.


House Call Dentists

Expert, compassionate dental care to all who need it, regardless of age or infirmity. Many people have significant difficulty receiving care in a traditional dentist’s office due to physical, cognitive or emotional challenges. House Call Dentists brings such patients vital dental services at their private homes or residence facilities.

We work closely with family members, residence facility personnel and medical practitioners of all kinds to ensure the best possible care for each of our patients. In fact, we frequently receive patient referrals from doctors and even other dentists.

Energetic Seniors These trainers can work with sensitivity within the limits of dementia and musculoskeletal diseases. Sessions are conducted in the comfort, convenience and privacy of your own home. Benefits include improvements in balance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, cardiovascular fitness, and functional independence in activities of daily living.


Senior Move Manager

Senior Move Management is the profession that assists older adults and their families with the emotional and physical aspects of relocation including packing and organizing for living in a smaller home or dissolution of property after death.  

Paper Moon Moves takes the stress out of downsizing and moving New York City Seniors


Bereavement Care Service

Nothing Forgotten Bringing peace of mind to the loved ones left behind

A Bereavement Care Service that respectfully and carefully facilitates the dissolution, relocation, donation, storage and other appropriate management of the treasured belongings of loved ones who have passed on.


Elder Attorneys

Weiss Law Group 

"The law firm that listens."

Concierge service for seniors and their families with over 35 years of experience. Elder law, Medicare and Medicaid, Trusts and Estates, Guardianship, Mediation.


The Law Offices of Veronica Esobar

 For Veronica, one of the most powerful tools a lawyer has in their "arsenal" is advocacy, not to mention the ability tocounsel a client and create a connection based on trust with them. She was always drawn to working with people one-on-one, Specializing in Elder law, Trusts and Estates, Guardianship, Family and Matrimonial Law.

Providers listed here are neither employed by Comprehensive Geriatric Care, P.C. nor in a financial relationship. This is a shared resource list of a variety of health care providers and professional service providers who are invested in quality of life for the homebound.