Jomarie Zeleznik, MD, FACP


Dr Jomarie Zeleznik was Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. From 1995 until 2004 she trained geriatric fellows, internal medicine and family medicine residents, and medical students at Montefiore Medical Center. 

Comprehensive Geriatric Care was established in 2004 as an office-based solo medical practice with continuity care from office visits to home visits and between hospital to rehabilitative or long-term nursing home care. Because of government changes in health care finance, solo practices are no longer able to deliver quality continuity care as old people move between sites of medical care. The office base of Comprehensive Geriatric Care closed in 2012.

Informed by the experience of being one of the many hands-on caregivers for her home-bound mother who died at home of complications of Parkinson's disease and the challenges of obtaining care in the home, Dr Zeleznik remade Comprehensive Geriatric Care as direct primary care, also know as a concierge practice which can again provide quality care to those who are least likely to access it. 

Comprehensive Geriatric Care places emphatic value on the quality of individualized care developed over time through the investment in a long-term doctor-patient relationship while involving caregivers in order to achieve the personal health goals of the patient.